Eight Frames A Second

Ralph McTell

Initial release : 1968

Transatlantic TRA165


  • Nanna's Song (McTell)
  • The Mermaid And The Seagull (McTell)
  • Hesitation Blues (Traditional arr. McTell)
  • Are You Receiving Me? (McTell)
  • Morning Dew (Dobson)
  • Sleepytime Blues (McTell)
  • Eight Frames A Second (McTell)
  • Willoughby's Farm (McTell)
  • Louise (McTell)
  • Blind Blake's Rag (Traditional arr. McTell)
  • I'm Sorry, I Must Leave (McTell)
  • Too Tight Drag (Blind Blake)
  • Granny Takes A Trip (Boyer / Beard)
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