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Feelin' Glad


Initial release : 1969


The only Glad album.


  • A New Tomorrow (Floegel)
  • Say What You Mean (Floegel)
  • Bedtime Story (Floegel/Phillips)
  • Pickin' Up the Pieces (Floegel)
  • Shape of Things to Come (Mann/Weil)
  • Love Needs the World (Wangberg)
  • Sweet Melinda (Floegel/Phillips/Schmit)
  • Let's Play Make Believe (Floegel/Phillips)
  • No Ma, It Can't Be (Floegel)
  • Two Worlds (Floegel)
  • Johnny Silver's Ride (Floegel/Phillips)
  • Silly Girl (Floegel)

Musicians include;

  • Tom Phillips - guitar, vocals
  • Ron Floegel - rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Tim Schmit - bass, vocals
  • George Hullin - drums, vocals
At least one track comprises Tim Schmit on vocals over instrumentation recorded by other musicians.

String and brass arrangements were added to some tracks.

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