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The Fields of November/Old and New

Norman Blake

Initial release : 1992

Flying Fish Records


  • Green Leaf Fancy (Blake)
  • Last Train from Poor Valley (Blake)
  • White Oak Swamp (Blake)
  • Graycoat Soldiers (Blake)
  • Southern Railroad Blues (Blake)
  • Lord, Won't You Help Me (Blake)
  • Krazy Kurtis (Blake)
  • Coming Down from Rising Fawn (Blake)
  • Uncle (Blake)
  • The Old Brown Case (Blake)
  • The Fields of November (Blake)
  • Widow's Creek (Blake)
  • Bristol in the Bottle (Blake)
  • Billy Gary (Blake)
  • Forked Deer (Traditional)
  • Cuckoo's Nest (Blake / Traditional)
  • Witch of the Wave (Blake / Traditional)
  • My Old Home on the Green Mountain Side (Blake)
  • Miller's Reel (Traditional)
  • Dry Grass on the High Fields (Blake)
  • Harvey's Reel (Blake)
  • The Railroad Days (Blake)
  • Valley Head (Blake)
  • Sweet Heaven (Traditional)
  • Ajimina (Blake)
  • Flat Rock (Blake)
Related releases

The music on this 2-on-1 release was originally released as;

  • The Fields of November, Norman Blake, 1974 (tracks 1 to 11)
  • Old and New, Norman Blake, 1976 (tracks 12 to 26)
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