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From Burbank To The Bay Area

Various Artists

Initial release : 2005


This compilation of music from the vaults of Atlantic, Reprise, San Francisco and Warner Brothers includes tracks by Cold Blood, Hammer, Tower of Power and Seatrain.

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Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • Vehicle - The Ides of March
  • Hold On I'M A Comin' - Fred Ramirez
  • Tuane - Hammer
  • Oye Mama - Malo
  • Valdez In The Country - Cold Blood
  • What Is Hip? - Tower of Power
  • Love'll Get You High - Jo Mama
  • Cosmic Sea - Mystic Moods
  • No Way Home - Cold Blood
  • Flute Thing - Seatrain
  • Only So Much Oil In The Ground - Tower of Power
  • Aire Of Good Feeling - The Ides of March
  • In The Name Of Love - Kenny Rankin
  • Free Wheel - Hard Meat
  • For Sentimental Reasons - Danny Kortchmar
  • Midnight At The Oasis - Maria Muldaur
  • Girl Of The Seasons - Bamboo
  • Moondance - Show Of Hands
  • Moonshadow - Labelle
  • Ebony Jam - Tower of Power
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