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God Bless the Grass

Pete Seeger

Initial release : 1966

Columbia Cl-2432

This release includes a cover of the Eric Andersen song My Land Is a Good Land.

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  • The Power and the Glory (Ochs)
  • Pretty Saro (Traditional)
  • 70 Miles (Reynolds/Seeger)
  • The Faucets Are Dripping (Renolds)
  • Cement Octopus (Renolds)
  • God Bless the Grass (Reynolds)
  • The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (Farina)
  • Coal Creek March (Steele)
  • The Girl I Left Behind (Traditional)
  • I Have a Rabbit (Eliran)
  • The People Are Scratching (Marrs/Martin/Seeger)
  • Coyote, My Little Brother (LaFarge)
  • Preserven el Parque Elysian (Kellen)
  • My Dirty Stream (The Hudson River Song) (Seeger)
  • Johnny Riley (Traditional)
  • Barbara Allen (Traditional)
  • From Way up Here (Reynolds/Seeger)
  • My Land Is a Good Land (Andersen)
Bonus tracks on remastered and extended CD release;
  • America the Beautiful
  • Business
  • There'll Come a Time

  • Pete Seeger - guitar, banjo, vocals

  • Producer - Tom Wilson