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Going Home Shoes

The Lonesome Sisters with Riley Baugus

Initial release : 2005

Tin Halo Music


  • God's Golden Key (Clifford)
  • Oh Sleeper (Hawker)
  • Going Home Shoes (Hawker)
  • Forgiveness (Hawker)
  • Go Home Little Girl (Reed)
  • Rain and Snow (Traditional)
  • They All Pale (Hawker)
  • Token Reminder (Hawker)
  • I Met with Wild Bill Jones (Traditional)
  • O Sing to Me of Heav'n (Traditional)
  • What Can I Do (Hawker)
  • Highlanders Farewell (Traditional)

Musicians include;

  • Sarah - lead vocals
  • Debra - rhythm guitar, mandolin, vocals
  • Riley Baugus - lead guitar, banjo, fiddle, vocals
  • June Drucker - acoustic bass
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