Grassroots To Bluegrass

Mac Wiseman

Initial release : 1990



  • Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (Christian)
  • Train 45 (Christian)
  • Little Rosewood Casket (Christian)
  • Poor Ellen Smith (Christian)
  • Kentucky (Davis)
  • Salty Dog Blues (Christian)
  • Dust on the Bible (Bailes / Bailes)
  • It's Mighty Dark to Travel (Monroe)
  • Old Camp Meeting Time (Christian)
  • Streamlined Cannonball (Acuff)
  • Red Rocking Chair (Christian)
  • Doin' My Time (Skinner)
  • I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail (Davis / Taylor)
  • Wait for the Light to Shine (Rose)
  • (Beneath That) Lonely Mound of Clay (Acuff)
  • Short Life of Trouble (Christian)
  • Crying Heart Blues (Brown / Christian)
  • Don't Give Your Heart to a Rambler (Brown / Skinner)
  • I'm Using My Bible for a Road Map (Reno / Schroeder)
  • How Mountain Girls Can Love (Rakes)
  • Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea (Christian)
  • Light at the River (Brewster / Story)
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