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Green River / Willy & the Poor Boys

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Initial release : 1978


2-on-1 double LP release of the third and fourth Creedence Clearwater Revival albums.


  • Green River (Fogerty)
  • Commotion (Fogerty)
  • Tombstone Shadow (Fogerty)
  • Wrote a Song for Everyone (Fogerty)
  • Bad Moon Rising (Fogerty)
  • Lodi (Fogerty)
  • Cross-Tie Walker (Fogerty)
  • Sinister Purpose (Fogerty)
  • The Night Time Is the Right Time (Herman)
  • Down on the Corner (Fogerty)
  • It Came Out of the Sky (Fogerty)
  • Cotton Fields (Leadbelly)
  • Poorboy Shuffle (Fogerty)
  • Feelin' Blue (Fogerty)
  • Fortunate Son (Fogerty)
  • Don't Look Now (Fogerty)
  • The Midnight Special (Traditional)
  • Side O' the Road (Fogerty)
  • Effigy (Fogerty)

  • John Fogerty - guitar, vocals
  • Tom Fogerty - guitar, vocals
  • Stu Cook - bass
  • Doug Clifford - drums
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The music on this double LP was originally released on two separate LPs;

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