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Heaven Is in Your Mind


Initial release : 1968

United Artists

Heaven Is In Your Mind was the initial US version of the UK album Mr. Fantasy. The songs included varied from the UK release and the cover image was different. Subsequent US releases reverted to the Mr. Fantasy title but retained the different cover image.


Original LP;

  • Paper Sun (Capaldi / Winwood)
  • Dealer (Capaldi / Winwood)
  • Coloured Rain (Capaldi / Winwood / Wood)
  • Hole in My Shoe (Mason)
  • No Face, No Name, No Number (Capaldi / Winwood)
  • Heaven Is in Your Mind (Capaldi / Winwood / Wood)
  • House for Everyone (Mason)
  • Berkshire Poppies (Capaldi / Winwood / Wood)
  • Giving to You (Capaldi / Mason / Winwood / Wood)
  • Smiling Phases (Capaldi / Winwood / Wood)
  • Dear Mr. Fantasy (Capaldi / Winwood / Wood)
Bonus tracks on CD release;
  • We're a Fade, You Missed This (Capaldi / Winwood)
  • Utterly Simple (Mason)
  • Hope I Never Find Me There (Mason)
  • Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush (Capaldi / Mason / Winwood / Wood)
  • Am I What I Was or Am I What I Am (Capaldi / Winwood / Wood)

  • Jim Capaldi - drums, percussion, vocals
  • Dave Mason - guitar, bass, sitar, mellotron, percussion, vocals
  • Steve Winwood - keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion, vocals
  • Chris Wood - organ, flute, saxophone, percussion, vocals
Related releases

Heaven Is In Your Mind was the US formatted version of the UK album;

Subsequent versions of the US album reverted to the Mr. Fantasy title.

Both the UK and US versions of the album were subsequently released on CD with bonus tracks. To distinguish the two the expanded US version used the Heaven Is In Your Mind title.

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