He's in the Jailhouse Now

Memphis Jug Band

Initial release : 2003


Tracks and performers

  • Newport News Blues (Shade / Williamson)
  • Sun Brimmers Blues (Shade / Williamson)
  • Sometimes I Think I Love You (Shade)
  • Kansas City Blues (Shade)
  • Beale Street Mess Around (Shade / Stevens)
  • Coal Oil Blues (Stevens)
  • On the Road Again (Jones / Shade)
  • Lindberg Hop (Jones / Shade)
  • Jug Band Waltz (Shade)
  • Stealin' Stealin' (Shade)
  • I Can't Stand It (Traditional)
  • I Can Beat You Plenty (Shade)
  • K.C. Moan (Blackman)
  • Memphis Yo Yo Blues (Pope)
  • Cocaine Habit Blues (Traditional)
  • Fourth Street Mess Around (Shade)
  • Bumble Bee Blues (McCoy)
  • Going Back to Memphis (Shade)
  • Spider's Nest Blues (Clayton)
  • He's in the Jailhouse Now (Traditional)
  • Move That Thing (Shade)
  • Gator Wobble (Shade)
  • Jazzbo Stomp (Shade)
  • Mary Anna Cut Off (Shade)
  • Jug Band Quartette (Shade)
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