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Himself / Love, A Feeling Of

Chad Mitchell

Initial release : 2004

Folk Era

This 2-on-1 CD release of Warner Bros. LPs from the mid-1960's includes a cover of the Eric Andersen song Violets Of Dawn.


  • The Other Side of This Life (Neil)
  • Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime (Gorney / Harburg)
  • Quiet Room (Hellerman / Minkoff)
  • Half a Crown (Scott)
  • Broadway Is a Tame Street (Holt)
  • Violets of Dawn (Anderson)
  • She Was Too Good to Me (Hart / Rogers)
  • Dark as a Dungeon (Travis)
  • Over the Rainbow (Arlen / Harburg)
  • Marieka (Brel)
  • Better Than Anything (Loughborough / Wheat)
  • Love (Webster's Definition Of) (Dorough / Ghertler / Greenburg)
  • A Poem on the Underground Wall (Simon)
  • As Time Goes By (Hupfield)
  • The Life That We Lead (Holt)
  • Suzanne (Cohen)
  • Poems to Eat (Landesman / Simon)
  • Without Rhyme or Reason (Dorough / Landesman)
  • This Afternoon (Arkin / Berger)
  • Jane Jane (Scharf)
  • To a Daughter-In-Law Unknown (Arkin / Martin)
Related releases

The music on this 2-on-1 release was originally released on;

  • Himself, Chad Mitchell, 1966 (tracks 1 to 10)
  • Love, A Feeling Of, Chad Mitchell Trio, 1967 (tracks 11 to 21)
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