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Fifty Foot Hose

Initial release : 1998

Del Val 010

A limited vinyl only release of material recorded before the release of their only LP in 1968.


Side A;

  • War
  • Good Morning Girl
  • Fly Free Side B;
    • Skins
    • Bad Trip
    • Desire
    • Low Down Nasty
    Uncertain if this is the full track list.

    Skins and Bad Trip were recorded by The Ethix.


    The musicians on the Fifty Foot Hose tracks are probably;

    • David Blossom - guitar, piano
    • Nancy Blossom - vocals
    • Larry Evans - guitar, vocals
    • Terry Hansley - bass
    • Kim Kimsey - drums
    • Cork Marcheschi - electronics, sound effects
    Skins and Bad Trip were recorded by The Ethix. The line-up was possibly;
    • Cork Marcheschi - bass
    • Bob Noto - guitar
    • Bob Gibson - vocals
    • Gary Doos - drums
    Related releases

    Skins and Bad Trip by The Ethix were originally released on a single.

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