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Introducing...The E-Types

The E-Types

Initial release : 1995

Sundazed 11026

A compilation of all the tracks from their four singles plus unissued takes, demos and live recordings.

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  • I Can't Do It (Hosford)
  • The Love of the Loved (Lennon/McCartney)
  • Live (Rhodes)
  • Put the Clock Back on the Wall (Bonner/Gordon)
  • Big City (Walsh)
  • She Moves Me (Cobb)
  • Back to Me (Barlow/Williams)
  • No Milk Today (Gouldman)
  • 4th Street (Barlow)
  • Long Before (Hosford)
  • A Clown's No Good (Rhodes)
  • Wait (Lennon/McCartney)
  • Evil Hearted You (Gouldman)
  • Mister, You're a Better Man Than I (Hugg)
  • Shapes of Things (McCarty/Relf/Samwell/Smith)
  • Things We Said Today (Lennon/McCartney)
  • Still in Love With You Baby (Elliot)
  • Just a Little (Durand/Elliott)
  • Let's Not Talk About It (Hosford)
  • It's Better Than I Planned (Hosford/Shephard)
  • I Can't Do It (Hosford)
  • Don't Turn Your Back on Me (DeShannon)

Musicians possibly include;

  • Don Shephard - guitar, vocals
  • Bob Wence - guitar, vocals
  • Jody Wence - keyboards, vocals
  • Danny Monigold - bass
  • Reggie Shaffer - drums

  • Original producer - Ed Cobb, Leo De Gar Kulka, The E-Types
  • Compilation producer - Jud Cost, Bob Irwin
  • Liner notes - Jud Cost
  • Design - Jeff Smith
Related releases

Eight of these tracks were originally released on singles;

  • I Can't Do It/Long Before, The E-Types, 1966, Dot 16864
  • She Moves Me/Love Of The Loved, The E-Types, 1966, Sunburst SBM 45-001
  • Put The Clock Back On The Wall/4th Street, The E-Types, 1967, Tower 325
  • Big City/Back To Me, The E-Types, 1967, Uptown 754