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It's Bad for You But Buy It

The Ace Of Cups

Initial release : 2004

Big Beat 236

Compilation of previously unreleased demos, rehearsals, TV and live performances recorded between 1967 and 1969. Also includes a previously released 1966 single track by the pre-Ace Of Cups group Denise & Company. For more information see the The Ace Of Cups web site.

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  • Music (Kaufman)
  • Boy, What'll You Do Then (Kaufman)
  • Glue (Kaufman)
  • Taste of One (Kaufman)
  • Stones (Gannon)
  • Looking for My Man (Hanson)
  • Afro Blue (Santamaria)
  • Pretty Boy (Simpson)
  • Waller Street Blues (Gannon / Hanson / Kaufman / Simpson / Vitalich)
  • I Wanna Tesify (Clinton / Taylor)
  • Gospel Song (Hanson)
  • Circles (Kaufman)
  • Catch You Later (Hanson)
  • Simplicity (Kaufman)
  • Medley: Life in Your Hands/Thelina (Allegra / Kaufman)
  • Hear Every Sound (Hanson)

  • Denise Kaufman - guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Diane Vitalich - drums, vocals
  • Marla Hunt - organ, piano, vocals
  • Mary Gannon - bass, vocals
  • Mary Ellen Simpson - lead guitar, vocals
Musical accompaniment on Bo What'll You Do Then;
  • Chip Wright
  • Mike Friedman
  • Mike Simpson
  • Lonnie Hewitt

  • Compilation and archive research - Alec Palao
  • Package design - Vegas Design
  • Front cover photos courtesy of Diane Vitalich
  • Mastering - Nick Robbins of Sound Mastering
  • CD booklet essay - Alec Palao (with thanks to the Ace Of Cups and also Ron Polte, Sally Roberts, Faren Miller and Jean and Toby Gleason
  • Photos and memorabilia courtesy of Denise Kaufman, Diane Vitalich, Mary GannonAlfiler, Maria Hanson and Ron Polte
Related releases

Boy, What'll You Do Then was originally released on a single;

  • Boy What'll You Do Then / Boy, What'll You Do Then (instrumental), Denise & Company, 1966, WEE 107