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Jesse Winchester Anthology

Jesse Winchester

Initial release : 2000

Essential / Castle

A double CD release. One CD is an anthology of tracks from made for Bearsville Records between 1972 and 1971. The second CD is the debut Jesse Winchester album.


Anthology CD;

  • Isn't That So? (Winchester)
  • Dangerous Fun (Winchester)
  • Do It (Winchester)
  • Midnight Bus (Winchester)
  • All of Your Own Stories (Winchester)
  • God's Own Jukebox (Winchester)
  • Silly Heart (Winchester)
  • Every Word You Say (Winchester)
  • Mississippi You're on My Mind (Winchester)
  • Third Rate Romance (Smith)
  • Defying Gravity (Winchester)
  • Let the Rough Side Drag (Winchester)
  • Damned If You Do (Winchester)
  • Lay Down Your Burden (Winchester)
  • Everybody Knows But Me (Winchester)
  • Blow on, Chilly Wind (Winchester)
  • My Songbird (Winchester)
  • Rhumba Man (Winchester)
  • A Showman's Life (Winchester)
  • Wintery Feeling (Winchester)
  • Leslie (Winchester)
  • Say What (Winchester)
  • The Brand New Tennessee Waltz (Winchester)
Debut album CD;
  • Payday (Winchester)
  • Biloxi (Winchester)
  • Snow (Robertson, Winchester)
  • The Brand New Tennessee Waltz (Winchester)
  • That's a Touch I Like (Winchester)
  • Yankee Lady (Winchester)
  • Quiet About It (Winchester)
  • Skip Rope Song (Winchester)
  • Rosy Shy (Winchester)
  • Black Dog (Winchester)
  • The Nudge (Winchester)
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