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Initial release : 1968

Epic 26429

Kak's one and only album.

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  • HCO 97658 (Damrell/Grelecki/Lockheed/Patten/Yoder)
  • Everything's Changing (Grelecki/Yoder)
  • Electric Sailor (Damrell/Lockheed/Patten/Yoder)
  • Disbelievin' (Yoder)
  • I've Got Time (Yoder)
  • Flowing By (Grelecki/Yoder)
  • Bryte 'N' Clear Day (Grelecki/Yoder)
  • Trieulogy:
    1. Golgotha (Yoder)
    2. Mirage (Grelecki/Yoder)
    3. Rain (Grelecki/Yoder)
  • Lemonaide Kid (Yoder)

  • Dehner C. Patten - lead guitar, vocals
  • Gary L. Yoder - acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Joseph D. Damrell - bass guitar, sitar, tambourine, vocals
  • Christopher A. Lockheed - drums, tabla, harpsichord, maraccas, vocals

  • Producer - Gary Grelecki, Kak
  • Arrangements - Patten, Yoder, Damrell, Lockheed
  • Engineer - Terry Dunavan, Rafael Valentin, Robert Breault
  • Cover Design - Gary Grelecki
  • Photographs - You, Me And Mike
  • Cover painting - Edward Kaspar
  • Art Direction - John Berg, Bob Cato
Related releases

Two singles were released in conjunction with this LP, though the first of these comprised a non-album version of a song;

  • Everything's Changing (Part 1) / Everything's Changing (Part 2), Kak, 1968, Epic 10383
  • I've Got Time / Disbelievin', Kak, 1969, Epic 10446
This LP was included on an expanded Kak release that also included previously unreleased Kak songs, a track only previously released on a single and solo material by Gary Lee Yoder; Lemonaide Kid and Electric Sailor were included on; Trieulogy was inlcuded on; Lemonaide Kid and Rain were included on; Disbelievin' was inlcuded on; One version of Rain was included on;