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Laughing Waters

Radhika Miller

Initial release : 1995

Alacazam! 1008

Peter Rowan plays on this album that includes singalongs, tongue twisters and stories for children.

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  • Laughing Waters (Miller)
  • Whether the Weather (Tongue Twister) (Traditional)
  • Freight Train (Cotton)
  • If You Cross a Stick (Tongue Twister) (Traditional)
  • Alfred the Hog (Amram)
  • Simple Gifts (Shaker Hymn) (Traditional)
  • Full Fathom Five (Johnson / Shakespeare)
  • On the Wings of Horses (Rowan / Rowan)
  • Abiyoyo (African Lullaby) (Traditional)
  • Jabberwocky (Carroll)
  • Barefoot Country Road (Howard / Rowan)
  • The True Story (Curchack / Douglas / Meyer)
  • Bette Botter (Tongue Twister) (Traditional)
  • Fellini Fun (Meyer / Miller)
  • Singin' the States (Miller)

Performers include;

  • Radhika Miller
  • Peter Rowan (on Bette Botter, Barefoot Country Road, On the Wings of Horses, If You Cross a Stick, Freight Train, Whether the Weather)
  • Patricia Kerr
  • Deborah Friedman
  • Edgar Meyer
  • Mike Marshall
  • Fred Curchak
  • Children's Chorus