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Legendary Grape

Moby Grape

Initial release : 1989

This album was recorded in the 1980's but never officially released. It was sold, in cassette format, at Moby Grape shows.


  • Bitter Wind in Tanganika (Mosley)
  • Give It Hell (Miller)
  • On the Dime (Miller)
  • Lady of the Night (Miller)
  • Took It All Away (Mosley)
  • Nighttime Rider (Mosley)
  • Talk About Love (Mosley)
  • All My Life (Spence)
  • You'll Never Know (Miller)
  • You Can Depend on Me (Mosley)

  • Peter Lewis - guitar, vocals
  • Jerry Miller - guitar, vocals
  • Bob Mosley - bass, vocals
  • Don Stevenson - drums, vocals
  • Dan Abernethy
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This album was subsequently remastered and released on CD with 8 bonus tracks;