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Live & Unreleased

Fifty Foot Hose

Initial release : 1997

Captain Trip Records

Live material recorded by the reformed Fifty Foot Hose in 1995.


  • If Not This Time (Blossom)
  • The Rose (Blossom)
  • Lenny's Tune (Bove)
  • Roll Out The Larvae (Johnston)
  • God Bless the Child (Herzog/Holiday)
  • Cauldron (Blossom/Kimsey/Marcheschi)
  • Red the Sign Post (Blossom/Roswicky)
  • Come Home It's Time For Dinner (Fifty Foot Hose)

  • Cork Marcheschi - echolette audio generators, microphones, fishphone, squeaky stick, theremin, spark gap, saw blades, bow-wow-yo-yo, amplifier, digital delay
  • Bobby Lurie - drums, percussion
  • Reid Johnston - Sousaphone, guitar, electric drill, electric circular saw, miscellaneous hardware
  • Elizabeth Perry - vocals, fishphone
  • Walter Funk The 3rd - Waterphone, ullesys, vocoder
  • Lenny Bove - bass (and cool suit)

  • Recording engineer - Jeff Byrd (Mr. Toad Studios)
  • Recording assistant - Nancy (from Joey Mobile Recording)
  • Liner notes - Cork Marcheschi
  • Color photos, cover design - Denise Denis
  • Black and white photos - Gail Butansky
  • Recorded live at The Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco in August 1995
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