Live at Maritime Hall: San Francisco

Soul Brains

Initial release : 2001

Maritime Hall

Recorded live at the Maritime Hall in San Francisco in 1999. This material has been released at least 3 times.


  • Attitude (Bad Brains)
  • Coptic Times (Bad Brains)
  • At the Movies (Bad Brains)
  • Right Brigade (Bad Brains)
  • Day Tripper/She's a Rainbow (Jagger / Lennon / McCartney / Richards)
  • Soul Craft (Bad Brains / Doctor Know / Hudson / Hudson / Jenifer)
  • Tongue Tee Tie (Bad Brains)
  • Re-Ignition (Doctor Know / Hudson / Jenifer)
  • Sailin' On/I and I Survive (Hudson / Jenifer)
  • House of Suffering (Doctor Know / Hudson / Jenifer)
  • On Like Popcorn (Soul Brains)
  • Sacred Love (Doctor Know / Hudson / Jenifer)
  • The Youth Are Getting Restless (Bad Brains)
  • Pay to Cum (Bad Brains / Doctor Know / Hudson / Jenifer)
  • I Against I (Bad Brains / Doctor Know / Hudson / Jenifer)
Related releases

This material has also been released as;

  • Live in San Francisco, Bad Brains/Soul Brains, 2002
  • A Bad Brains Reunion, Soul Brains, 2006
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