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Live At The Matrix

The Great Society

Initial release : 1989

Edsel 280

Double LP compilation that comprises the two live LPs released by Columbia in 1968.

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  • Sally, Go 'Round The Roses (Stevens/Sanders)
  • Didn't Think So (G Slick)
  • Grimly Forming (Vandergeler)
  • Somebody to Love (D Slick)
  • Father Bruce (G Slick/D Slick/J Slick/Minor)
  • Outlaw Blues (Dylan)
  • Ofter As I May (G Slick)
  • Arbitration (Vandergeler)
  • White Rabbit (G Slick)
  • That's How It Is (Minor)
  • Darkly Smiling (D Slick)
  • Nature Boy (Ahbez)
  • You Can't Cry (Minor)
  • Daydream Nightmare (Minor)
  • Everybody Knows (D Slick)
  • Born to Be Burned (D Slick/J Slick)
  • Father (D Slick/G Slick/J Slick/Minor)

  • Grace Slick - piano, vocals
  • Darby Slick - guitar
  • David Minor - guitar
  • Jerry Slick - drums
  • Peter Vandergeler - bass

  • Producer - Peter Abram
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  • How It Was, The Great Society, 1968, Columbia CS-9702
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