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Love Songs


Initial release : 2004

Sony International 480574

A compilation collecting material released on Columbia.

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  • Samba Pa Ti (Santana)
  • Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile) (Coster / Santana)
  • Give Me Love (Tellez)
  • I'll Be Waiting (Santana)
  • Flor d'Luna (Moonflower) (Coster)
  • Stormy (Buie/Cobb)
  • Life Is a Lady/Holiday (Lambert/Santana)
  • Aqua Marine (Pasqua/Santana)
  • The Sensitive Kind (Cale)
  • I Love You Much Too Much (Olshanetsky/Raye/Towber)
  • One With You (Jones)
  • Daughter of the Night (Huss/Rickfors)
  • Written in Sand (Froom/Stahl)
  • Before We Go (Capaldi/Santana)
  • Love Is You (Santana/Thompson)
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