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Lovin' Sound / Full Circle

Ian & Sylvia

Initial release : 2007

Collectors' Choice Music

Vassar Clements plays on one of the source album, Full Circle, included on this two on one release.


  • Windy Weather (Tyson)
  • Hang on to a Dream (Hardin)
  • I Don't Believe You (Dylan)
  • Where Did All the Love Go? (Fricker)
  • Mr. Spoons (Tyson)
  • National Hotel (Tyson)
  • Sunday (Fricker / Tyson)
  • Pilgrimage to Paradise (Rea)
  • Reason to Believe (Hardin)
  • Big River (Cash)
  • Trilogy (Fricker)
  • Lovin' Sound (Tyson)
  • Here's to You (Camp)
  • I Learned from Leah (Fricker / Tyson)
  • Woman's World (Fricker)
  • Mr. Spoons (Tyson)
  • Shinbone Alley (Fricker)
  • Please Think (McKei)
  • Stories He'd Tell (Tyson)
  • Jickson Johnson (Tyson)
  • Tears of Rage (Dylan)
  • The Minstrel (Rea)
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