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Maids and Golden Apples

Judy Collins

Initial release : 2001


2-on-1 CD release of the first two Judy Collins albums.


  • Maid of Constant Sorrow (Traditional)
  • The Prickilie Bush (Traditional)
  • Wild Mountain Thyme (Traditional)
  • Tim Evans (MacColl)
  • Sailor's Life (Traditional)
  • Bold Fenian Men (Traditional)
  • Wars of Germany (Traditional)
  • O Daddy Be Gay (Traditional)
  • I Know Where I'm Going (Traditional)
  • John Riley (Traditional)
  • Pretty Saro (Traditional)
  • The Rising of the Moon (Traditional)
  • I See the Moon (Traditional)
  • Golden Apples of the Sun (Collins / Yeats)
  • Bonnie Ship the Diamond (Traditional)
  • Little Brown Dog (Traditional)
  • Twelve Gates to the City (Traditional)
  • Christ Child Lullaby (Traditional)
  • Great Selchie of Shule Skerry (Traditional)
  • Tell Me Who I'll Marry (Traditional)
  • Fannerio (Traditional)
  • Crow on the Cradle (Carter)
  • Lark in the Morning (Traditional)
  • Sing Hallelujah (Settle)
  • Shule Aroon (Traditional)
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The music on this 2-on-1 collection was originally released on 2 LPs;

I See The Moon was not originally released on these LPs.

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