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Matmos Live with J Lesser

Matmos with J Lesser

Initial release : 2002

Vague Terrain

A collection of improvisations recorded between 1999 and 2001. Track Ten was recorded live at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco in 2000. Track Four and Track Six were recorded at the Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco in 1999. Track Eleven was recorded at the Paramount Theater in Oakland in 2001.


  • Track One
  • Track Two
  • Track Three
  • Track Four
  • Track Five
  • Track Six
  • Track Seven
  • Track Eight
  • Track Nine
  • Track Ten
  • Track Eleven

  • M. C. Schmidt - acoustic guitar, ring modulator, walkie talkies, SE-50, balloons, fawn bleat, box turkey hall, mouth mounted turkey call, SH-101, shakers-clickers, laptop, three gallon bucket of oatmeal, microphone, vacuum cleaner tube, speaking
  • A. Matthew Sussman - electric guitar, amplifier
  • Drew Daniel - samplers, helium tank, balloons, laptop, currency
  • Jay Lesser - CDJ, helium tank, balloons, kaoss pad, quadraverb
  • Adam Ansell - singing
  • Kalonica McQueston - singing
  • Kris Force - singing
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