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Mint Tattoo

Mint Tattoo

Initial release : 1969

Dot 25918

The only Mint Tattoo album.


  • Vampire Symphony:
    Sister Fleu (First Movement)
    Leper's Epitaph (Second Movement)
    Policeman's Ball (Third Movement)
    Littal Lieu Lieu's Revenge (Fourth Movement)
  • Faces of Roses
  • I'm Talking About You
  • Scorpio Woman
  • Mark of the Beast
  • Moanin'
  • With Love
  • I Hear the Spirits

  • Ralph Burns Kellogg - bass, percussion, keyboards, vocals
  • Bruce Stephens - guitar, kazoo, vocals
  • Greg Thomas - drums, percussion

  • Producer - James William Guercio, Phil Ramone
Related releases

One single was released in conjunction with this LP;

  • I'm Talking About You / Mark Of The Beast, Mint Tattoo, 1969, Dot 17242
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