Mitchell's Christian Singers, Vol. 2: 1936-1938

Mitchell's Christian Singers

Initial release : 1996



  • Lord I Can't Turn Back
  • Who Was John?
  • Come on Ezekiel Let's Go 'Round the Wall
  • Count out the Angels
  • Out on the Ocean Sailing
  • I Want Somebody to Tell Me
  • Hide Me Oh Lord
  • You Got to Make a Change
  • I'm Praying Humble
  • I Swore to the Lord (I'm a Gideon)
  • We Want to Have a Talk with Jesus
  • Walkin' with My Savior
  • Jesus Christ of Nazareth
  • Yes My Lord I Done Done
  • Lord's Gonna Trouble Thje Water
  • My Mother Had to Kneel Down
  • Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
  • My Time Ain't Long
  • I Don't Care Where You Bury My Body
  • I Got to Go to Judgement
  • My Lord I'm Trampin'
  • My Mother's Gone to Glory
  • Jesus Hear Me Praying
  • While He's Padding By
  • Lord Have Mercy
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