Molly O'Day and the Cumberland Mountain Folks

Molly O'Day and the Cumberland Mountain Folks

Initial release : 1992

Bear Family

Double CD collection of recordings made between 1946 and 1951.


  • The Tramp on the Street (Cole)
  • When God Comes and Gather His Jewels (Williams)
  • The Black Sheep Returned to the Fold (Rose)
  • Put My Rubber Doll Away (Acuff / Edgins)
  • The Drunken Driver (Westmoreland)
  • Tear Stained Letter (Cash)
  • Lonely Mound of Clay (Acuff)
  • Six More Miles (Williams)
  • Singing Waterfall (Williams)
  • At the First Fall of Snow (Rose)
  • Matthew Twenty-Four (Glosson)
  • I Don't Care If Tomorrow Never Comes (Williams)
  • A Hero's Death (Traditional)
  • I'll Never See Sunshine Again (Rose)
  • Too Late - Too Late (Davis)
  • Why Do You Weep Dear Willow (Blankenship / Davis)
  • Don't Forget the Family Prayer (Glosson)
  • I Heard My Mother Weeping (Blanchard / Story)
  • Mother's Gone But Not Forgotten
  • The Evening Train (Williams)
  • This Is the End (Carlisle / Smith)
  • Fifteen Years Ago (Herrscher / Richards / Rodgers)
  • Poor Ellen Smith (Traditional)
  • Coming Down from God (Davis / O'Day)
  • Teardrops Falling in the Snow (McCarty)
  • With You on My Mind (Martin)
  • If You See My Saviour (Dorsey)
  • Heaven's Radio (Carter)
  • When My Time Comes to Go (O'Day)
  • Don't Sell Daddy Any More Whiskey (O'Neill)
  • Higher in My Prayers (Bailes)
  • Travelling the Highway Home (Bailes)
  • It's Different Now (Beatty)
  • When the Angels Rolled the Stone Away (Moore)
  • It's All Coming True (Purdom)
  • When We See Our Redeemer's Face (Brostrom)
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