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Moondance/Astral Weeks/His Band & The Street Choir

Released in 2005 as:

Trilogy: Astral Weeks/Moondance/His Band & The Street Choir

Van Morrison

Initial release : 1988 / 2005



  • And It Stoned Me (Morrison)
  • Moondance (Morrison)
  • Crazy Love (Morrison)
  • Caravan (Morrison)
  • Into the Mystic (Morrison)
  • Come Running (Morrison)
  • These Dreams of You (Morrison)
  • Brand New Day (Morrison)
  • Everyone (Morrison)
  • Glad Tidings (Morrison)
  • Astral Weeks (Morrison)
  • Beside You (Morrison)
  • Sweet Thing (Morrison)
  • Cyprus Avenue (Morrison)
  • The Way Young Lovers Do (Morrison)
  • Madame George (Morrison)
  • Ballerina (Morrison)
  • Slim Slow Slider (Morrison)
  • Domino (Morrison)
  • Crazy Face (Morrison)
  • Give Me a Kiss (Morrison)
  • I've Been Working (Morrison)
  • Call Me Up in Dreamland (Morrison)
  • I'll Be Your Lover, Too (Morrison)
  • Blue Money (Morrison)
  • Virgo Clowns (Morrison)
  • Gypsy Queen (Morrison)
  • Sweet Jannie (Morrison)
  • If I Ever Needed Someone (Morrison)
  • Street Choir (Morrison)
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The three albums that comprise this set were originally released as;

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