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Mr Pharmacist

The Other Half

Initial release : 1982

Eva 12003

Compilation comprising all tracks from the groups only LP plus some live tracks.


  • Introduction (Nowlen, Westen)
  • Feathered Fish (Arthur Lee)
  • Flight Of The Dragon Lady (Holden, Westen, Nowlen, Brown, Wood)
  • Wonderful Day (Holden)
  • I Need You (Mike Port, Holden)
  • Oz Lee Eaves Drop (Nowlen, Westen)
  • Bad Day (Holden, Nowlen)
  • Morning Fire (Nowlen)
  • What Can I Do For You
    - First Half (Nowlen, Westen)
    - The Other Half (Nowlen, Westen)
  • No Doubt About It (Nowlen)
  • Mister Pharmacist (Nowlen)
  • I Know (Nowlen)
  • It's Too Hard (Without You) (Nowlen)
  • I've Come So Far (Westen)

  • Jeff Nowlen - harp, guitar, vocals
  • Randy Holden - guitar, vocals
  • Geoff Westen - guitar
  • Larry Brown - bass
  • Daniel Wood - drums

  • Producers - Larry Goldberg, Leo De Gar Kulka, Hank Levine, The Other Half
  • Recorded At Golden State Recorders, San Francisco
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