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The New Sound Underground

Various Artists

Initial release : 196?


This compilation includes one track by Country Joe & The Fish and one by Notes From The Underground.

Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • Rock And Soul Music - Country Joe & The Fish
  • Not That Kind Of Guy - Elizabeth
  • Follow Me Down (To The Underground) - Notes From The Underground
  • Sandcastles - Thirty-first Of February
  • Neverland - Circus Maximus
  • Hello Baby - Circus Maximus
  • Oops I Can Dance - Circus Maximus
The musicians on the Country Joe & The Fish track are;
  • Country Joe McDonald - guitar, vocals
  • Barry Melton - guitar, vocals
  • David Cohen - guitar, piano, organ, harpsichord, bells, vocals
  • Bruce Barthol - bass, guitar, organ, vocals
  • Chicken Hirsh - drums, bells, sand blocks, castanets, music box, vocals
  • Robin McDonald - finger cymbals
The musicians on the Notes from the Underground track are;
  • Fred Sokolow - guitar, banjo, mandolin, tambourine, vocals
  • Mark Mandell - guitar, vocals
  • Skip Rose - piano, electric piano, organ, harp
  • Peter Oswald - drums
  • Mike O'Connor - bass, vocals
Related releases

Rock & Soul Music was originally released on;

  • Together, Country Joe & The Fish, 1968
Follow Me Down (To The Underground) was originally released on;
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