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New Tweedy Brothers

The New Tweedy Brothers

Initial release : 1968

Ridon SLP 234

The only New Tweedy Brothers LP. This album has become a collector's item due almost as much to it's distinctive hexagonal 'cube' jacket as for it's music.


Side 1

  • Somebody's Peepin' (Ekman)
  • I Can See It (Ekman)
  • I'd Go Anywhere (Lackatt / Lackatt)
  • Danny's Song (Lackatt)
  • Wheels Of Fortune (Lackatt)
Side 2
  • I See You're Looking Fine (Ekman)
  • What's Wrong With That (Lackatt)
  • Someone Just Passed By (Ekman)
  • Her Darkness In December (Lackatt)
  • Lazy Livin' (Fagaly)
Bonus tracks on CD release
  • Her Darkness In December (Alt version) (Lackatt)
  • Good Time Car (Lackatt / Fagaly)
  • Terms Of You Love Me (Lackatt / Ekman)

  • Fred Lackaff
  • Dan Lackaff
  • Steve Ekman
  • Dave McClure

  • Producer - Rick Keefer
  • Engineer - Rick Keefer, Ken Bass
  • Cover photography - Nick Heyer, Alice Baldwin
  • Jacket design - Fred
  • Recorded at the Basement
Related releases

This album has been released a couple of times on CD. The first of these releases was a bootleg version. The second CD release (Shadoks 018) is, I think, a legitimate release.

Two of the bonus tracks on the CD release were originally released as a single;

  • Good Time Car / Terms Of You Love Me, The New Tweedy Brothers, 1966, Dot 16910
Wheels Of Fortune was included on; Danny's Song was included on;
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