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Nuggets, Vol. 11: Pop Part 4

Various Artists

Initial release : 1985

Rhino RNLP 70035

Eleventh volume in the Nuggest series. Includes tracks by Lee Michaels and Fever Tree.

Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • Let's Live For Today - The Grass Roots
  • Pretty Ballerina - The Left Banke
  • I Shall Call Her Mary - Montage
  • Echoes - Gene Clark
  • Happy - The Sunshine Company
  • An Invitation To Cry - The Magicians
  • San Francisco Girls (Return Of The Native) - Fever Tree
  • Hello - Lee Michaels
  • Run, Run, Run - The Third Rail
  • Mr. Dieingly Sad - The Critters
  • I Can Hear The Grass Grow - The Blues Magoos
  • No Time Like The Right Time - The Blues Project
  • Step Out Of Your Mind - The American Breed
  • Ain't Gonna Lie - Keith
Related releases

Hello was originally released on;

San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native) was originally released on a single and LP;
  • San Francisco Girls (Return Of The Native) / Come With Me (Rainsong), Fever Tree, 1968, UNI 55095
  • Fever Tree, Fever Tree, 1968
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