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Nuggets, Vol. 2: Punk

Various Artists

Initial release : 1984

Rhino RNLP 026

The second LP of the eighties Nuggets series includes a track by The Chocolate Watch Band.

Tracks and performers

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • My Little Red Book - Love
  • Gloria - The Shadows Of Knight
  • Can't Seem To Make You Mine - The Seeds
  • Double Yellow Line - The Music Machine
  • Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In)? - The Chocolate Watch Band
  • Last Time Around - The Del-Vetts
  • Respect - The Vagrants
  • Try It - The Standells
  • I'm Gonna Make You Mine - The Shadows Of Knight
  • The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly - The Music Machine
  • Too Many People - The Leaves
  • Strychnine - The Sonics
  • Spazz - The Elastik Band
  • Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White - The Standells
Related releases

The Chocolate Watch Band track was originally released on singles;

  • Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In) / No Way Out, Chocolate Watch Band, 1966, Tower 373
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