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Old Friends

Lambert & Nuttycombe

Initial release : 2001

Air Mail Archive

Archive release of previously unreleased material.


  • Please Let It Be Known (Lambert)
  • Have a Care (Lambert)
  • You Forget That (Nuttycombe)
  • That Little Ol' Hill (Lambert)
  • Today I Had My Tension Soothe (Lambert)
  • Like the Rain (Lambert)
  • Gardens Are Emotional (Lambert)
  • Under the Circumstances (Lambert)
  • Dear Marsha (Lambert)
  • I Don't Need No One (Nuttycombe)
  • Pig Off Song (Lambert)
  • Know Too Much (Nuttycombe)
  • Tomorrow She Will Come (Nuttycombe)
  • And With All This Love (Nuttycombe)
  • Everything Going Forwards (Nuttycombe)

  • Denis Lambert - guitar, vocals
  • Craig Nuttycombe - guitar, vocals

  • Producer - David Anderle
  • Engineer - Bruce Botnick
  • Liner notes - Craig Nuttycombe
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