One Clear Moment

Linda Thompson

Initial release : 1985/2004

Warner Bros/Rhino Handmade

The bonus track version of this album includes a cover of the Eric Andersen song Faithful.


  • Can't Stop the Girl (Cook / Thompson)
  • One Clear Moment (Cook / Thompson)
  • Telling Me Lies (Cook / Thompson)
  • In Love With the Flame (Cook / Thompson)
  • Les Trois Beaux Oiseaux de Paradis (Ravel)
  • Take Me on the Subway (Cook)
  • Best of Friends (Cook)
  • Hell / High Water and Heartache (Cook / Thompson)
  • Just Enough to Keep Me Hanging On (Allen / Mize)
  • Lover Won't You Throw Me a Line (Cook / Thompson)
Binus tracks on 2004 edition;
  • Only a Boy (Thompson)
  • Talking Like a Man (Thompson)
  • Shady Lies (Thompson)
  • Faithful (Andersen)
  • He May Call You Up Tonight (Brown / Martin)
  • I'm Blowin' Away (Kaz)
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