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Oye Como Va


Initial release : 2003

Sony International 505455

A double CD European compilation collecting material released on Columbia.

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  • Samba Pa Ti (Santana)
  • Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile) (Coster/Santana)
  • The Sensitive Kind (Cale)
  • I Love You Much Too Much (Olshanetsky/Raye/Towber)
  • Bella (Crew/Santana/Thompson)
  • Stormy (Buie/Cobb)
  • Let the Children Play (Patillo/Santana)
  • Love Is You (Santana/Thompson)
  • Tales of Kilimanjaro (Pasqua/Peraza/Rkow/Santana)
  • Who's That Lady (Isley/Isley/Isley/Isley/Jasper)
  • Song of the Wind (Rolie/Santana/Schon)
  • Singing Winds, Crying Beasts (Carabello)
  • Oye Como Va (Puente)
  • Jingo (Olatunji)
  • Mirage (Patillo)
  • Havana Moon (Berry)
  • Gitano (Peraza)
  • Carnaval (Coster/Santana)
  • One Chain (Don't Make No Prison) (Lambert/Potter)
  • Canto de los Flores (Coster/Santana Band)
  • Changes (Stevens)
  • Runnin' (Margen)
  • Searchin' (Ligertwood/Pasqua/Santana/Solberg)
  • Primera Invasion (Lear/Margen/Pasqua/Santana/Solberg)
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