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Percy Mayfield: Poet Laureate Of The Blues

Percy Mayfield

Initial release : 1999?

Winner Records

Videodocumentary that includes Percy Mayfield talking about his life and music, performances recorded at his home in 1982 and performances recorded live at the Sleeping Lady in Fairfax in 1981.

Songs and musicians

  • I Wouldn't Do The Same Thing To You
  • Lost Love
  • Louisiana
  • Loose Lips
  • Life Is Suicide
  • River's Invitation
  • Ha Ha In The Daytime (Boo Hoo Hoo All Night Long)
  • The Flirt
  • Never Say Naw
  • Hit The Road Jack
  • Strange Things Happening
  • Please Send Me Someone To Love
  • Never Say Naw
The musicians on songs 1 to 10, recorded at Percy Mayfield's home in Los Angeles in 1982, are;
  • Percy Mayfield - vocals
  • Mark Naftalin - piano
The musicians on songs 11 to 13, recorded at the Sleeping Lady Café in Fairfax in 1981, are;
  • Percy Mayfield - vocals
  • Mark Naftalin - piano
  • Bobby Murray - guitar
  • Henry Oden - bass
  • Fred Casey - drums
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