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The Place And The Time

Moby Grape

Initial release : 2009


A collection of outtakes, alternate takes, audition recordings, demos and live material. These tracks were originally released as bonus tracks on expanded CD reissues of Moby Grape albums. Some of these expanded CDs have been withdrawn so some of the tracks are now only available on this release.


  • Indifference (audition)
  • Looper (audition)
  • Stop (demo)
  • Rounder (instrumental outtake)
  • Sweet Ride (Never Again) (unedited)
  • Loosely Remembered (demo)
  • The Place and the Time (alternate version)
  • Bitter Wind (demo)
  • Seeing (alternate version)
  • What's to Choose (alternate version)
  • Soul Stew (outtake)
  • If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes (demo)
  • You Can Do Anything (demo)
  • Skip's Song (demo)
  • It's a Beautiful Day Today (demo)
  • What's to Choose (demo)
  • Hoochie (demo)
  • Big (demo)
  • Rounder (live)
  • Miller's Blues (live)
  • Changes (live)
  • Looper (demo)
  • Soul Stew (instrumental outtake)
  • Cockatoo Blues (Tongue-Tied) (demo)

  • Peter Lewis - guitar, vocals
  • Jerry Miller - guitar, vocals
  • Bob Mosley - bass, vocals
  • Skip Spence - guitar, drums, vocals
  • Don Stevenson - guitar, drums, vocals
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