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Playing My Fiddle for You / Filthy!

Papa John Creach

Initial release : 2005

Grunt 1009

Two-on-one Papa John Creach release.

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  • Friendly Possibilities (Zulu)
  • Milk Train (Creach, Slick, Spotts)
  • I Miss You So (Henderson, Robin, Scott)
  • String Jet Continues (Creach)
  • Playing My Music (Zulu)
  • Git It Up (Creach, Zulu)
  • Gretchen (Creach, Zulu)
  • One Sweet Song (Zulu)
  • Golden Dreams (Zulu)
  • Filthy Funky (Grayson)
  • No More Country Girls (Grayson/Horton)
  • Don't Tell It to No One (Creach)
  • Mother's Day (Spotts)
  • Walking the Tou Tou (Kaukonen)
  • Everybody Wants My Good Thing (Grayson/Horton)
  • Far Out (Spotts)
  • Give Me an Hour in Your Garden (And I'll Show You How To Plant A Rose) (Grayson/Horton)
  • Time Out for Sex (Spotts)
  • Up in the Alley (Creach)
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