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Pork Soda


Initial release : 1993

Interscope Records

One song on this album, The Air Is Getting Slippery, possibly refers to Jerry Garcia.


  • Pork Chop's Little Ditty (Claypool / Primus)
  • My Name Is Mud (Claypool / Primus)
  • Welcome to This World (Claypool / Primus)
  • Bob (Claypool / Primus)
  • DMV (Claypool / Primus)
  • Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon (Fisherman's Chronicles / Pt. 3) (Claypool / Primus)
  • Nature Boy (Claypool / Primus)
  • Wounded Knee (Claypool / Primus)
  • Pork Soda (Claypool / Primus)
  • The Pressman (Claypool / Primus)
  • Mr. Krinkle (Claypool / Primus)
  • The Air Is Getting Slippery (Claypool / Primus)
  • Hamburger Train (Claypool / Primus)
  • Pork Chop's Little Ditty (Claypool / Primus)
  • Hail Santa (Claypool / Primus

Musicians include;

  • Les Claypool - bass, mandolin, vocals
  • Larry LaLonde - banjo, guitar
  • Tim "Herb" Alexander - drums

The song The Air Is Getting Slippery includes the lines;

The dogs are barking merrily as Jerry sits on high
If you've studied your Floyd properly, you'd know that pigs could fly
Now if you want an encore you might hear "Is it Luck?"
But me, I'd rather play Residents, 'cause I don't give a...
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