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Portrait Of / Keep Movin' On

Merle Haggard

Initial release : 2005

Beat Goes On

A 2-on-1 CD release of albums from 1969 and 1975.


  • Workin' Man Blues (Haggard)
  • What's Wrong With Stayin' Home (Morris)
  • Silver Wings (Haggard)
  • Who Do I Know in Dallas (Cochran / Nelson)
  • She Thinks I Still Care (Lee / Duffy)
  • Hungry Eyes (Haggard)
  • I Die Ten Thousand Times a Day (Payne)
  • Every Fool Has a Rainbow (Haggard)
  • I Came So Close to Losing My Home (Davis / Hunt)
  • Montego Bay (Cochran / Martin)
  • Movin' On (Haggard)
  • Life's Like Poetry (Haggard)
  • I've Got a Darlin' (For a Wife) (Haggard / Reno)
  • These Mem'ries We're Making Tonight (Haggard)
  • You'll Always Be Special to Me (Haggard)
  • September in Miami (Haggard)
  • Always Wanting You (Haggard)
  • Kentucky Gambler (Parton)
  • Here in Frisco (Haggard)
  • I've Got a Yearning (Haggard)
  • Man's Gotta Give Up a Lot (Haggard)
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