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Warren Zevon

Initial release : 2007

New West

A collection of demo recordings plus interview material.


  • Empty Hearted Town (Zevon)
  • Steady Rain (Zevon)
  • Join Me in L.A. (Zevon)
  • Hasten Down the Wind (Zevon)
  • Werewolves of London (Marinell / Wachtel / Zevon)
  • Tule's Blues (Zevon)
  • The French Inhaler (Zevon)
  • Going All the Way (Zevon)
  • Poor Poor Pitiful Me (Zevon)
  • Studebaker (Zevon)
  • Accidentally Like a Martyr (Zevon)
  • Carmelita (Zevon)
  • I Used to Ride So High (Zevon)
  • Stop Rainin' Lord (Zevon)
  • The Rosarita Beach Cafe (Zevon)
  • Desperados Under the Eaves (Zevon)
  • I Was in the House When the House Burned Down (Zevon)
  • Warren Speaks on Songwriting and the Early Days of His Career
  • Musings on Mortality / Song Noir and the King of Rock N' Roll
  • A Chat About Producers and the Stark Sounds on the Album Life'll Kill Ya
  • Back in the High Life
  • Warren's Take on Winwood's Classic and Warren's Inspirations)
  • Talk of TV / Movies / Acting and Performing
  • Don't Let Us Get Sick (live recording)

Musicians include;

  • Warren Zevon - keyboards, guitar, vocals
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