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Pride in What I Am

Merle Haggard

Initial release : 1968



  • I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am (Haggard)
  • Who'll Buy the Wine (Mize)
  • The Days the Rains Came (Haggard)
  • It Meant Goodbye to Me When You Said Hello to Him (Frizzell / Mulkey)
  • I Can't Hold Myself in Line (Haggard)
  • I'm Bringin' Home Good News (Haggard)
  • Keep Me from Cryin' Today (Haggard)
  • I Just Want to Look at You One More Time (Haggard)
  • Somewhere on Skid Row (Simpson)
  • I'm Free (Copeland)
  • California Blues (Rodgers)
  • I Think We're Livin' in the Good Old Days (Holloway / Simpson)

Musicians include;

  • Merle Haggard - guitar, vocals
  • Roy Nichols - guitar, harmonica
  • James Burton - guitar
  • Lewis Talley - guitar
  • Norman Hamlet - pedal steel, dobro, banjo
  • George French - piano
  • Bob Morris - bass
  • Leon Copeland - bass
  • Eddie Burris - drums
  • Roy Huskey - drums
  • Bonnie Owens - vocals
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