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The Progressive 60s

The Nice / The Pretty Things / Blue Cheer

Initial release : 19??


This 3 LP box set includes the complete Blue Cheer first LP.


LP 1: The Nice;

  • Country Pie
    Brandenburg Concerto No. 6
  • Five Bridges Suite:
    Fantasia 1st Bridge
    2nd Bridge
    Chorale 3rd Bridge
    High Level Fugue 4th Bridge
    Finale 5th Bridge
  • Hang On To A Dream
  • America
LP 2: The Pretty Things;
  • Roadrunner (McDaniel)
  • Judgement Day (Morrison)
  • 13 Chester Street (Pretty Things)
  • Big City (Duncan/Klein)
  • Unknown Blues (Pretty Things)
  • Mama, Keep You Big Mouth Shut (McDaniel)
  • Honey, I Need (Button/Smithling/Taylor)
  • Oh Baby Doll (Berry)
  • She's Fine She's Mine (McDaniel)
  • Don't Lie to Me (Berry)
  • The Moon Is Rising (Reed)
LP 3: Blue Cheer;
  • Summertime Blues (Capehart/Cochran)
  • Rock Me Baby (Josea/King)
  • Doctor Please (Peterson)
  • Out of Focus (Peterson)
  • Parchment Farm (Allison)
  • Second Time Around (Peterson)

The musicians on the Blue Cheer LP are;

  • Leigh Stephens - guitar
  • Dickie Peterson - bass, vocals
  • Paul Whaley - drums
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The Blue Cheer LP was originally released as;