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The Revenge of Blind Joe Death: The John Fahey Tribute Album

Various Artists

Initial release : 2006


This tribute CD includes a track by Country Joe McDonald and a track by Canned Fish who include Barry Melton.

Tracks / musicians

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • Sunflower River Blues - Dale Miller
  • Sally Good - George Winston
  • St. Louis Blues - Michael Gulezian
  • The Alligator Walks Sideways On Sunday - Alex de Grassi
  • Desperate Man Blues - Charlie Schmidt
  • Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Phillip Of Spain - Canned Fish (Barry Melton, Fito De La Parra, Larry Taylor)
  • Sun Gonna Shine On My Mardi Gras - David Doucet
  • Thinking Of John Fahey - Country Joe McDonald
  • In Christ There Is No East Or West - Peter Lang
  • Joe Kirby Blues - Terry Robb
  • The Yellow Princess - Sean Smith
  • Steamboat Gwine Round De Bend/How Green Was My Valley - Henry Kaiser
  • Red Pony - Nick Schillace
  • Assassination Of John Fahey - Stefan Grossman
  • 50 Cents Gets You A Cup Of Coffee - Rick Ruskin
  • Requim For John Fahey - Phil Kellogg
  • Days Have Gone By In The Halls Of Valhalla - Andrew Stranglen
  • On The Banks Of The Owchita - Elliot Sharp
  • Jesus Is A Dying-Bed Maker - Pat O'Connell
  • John Henry - Blind Joe Death
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