Roam Home To A Dome

Various Artists

Initial release : 2006

Parental Stress Services

"A musical salute to R. Buckminster Fuller and the only dome he ever lived in. All songs were recorded in The Dome in Carbondale, Illinois." This benefit CD, of music, interviews and archival recordings, includes an introduction by Country Joe McDonald.


  • Intro - Country Joe McDonald
  • Livin' In The Future In a Plastic Dome - Carter & Connelley
  • At The End of The Day - Kathy Livingston, Paul Matalonis
  • Everything Is Round - Vince Herman
  • Bill Perk/Buckminster Fuller
  • Fuller Days - Lyric
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • Can't Stand In The Corner - Stace England
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • Someone Else's Eyes
  • Roam Home To A Dome - Buckminster Fuller
  • Roam Home To A Dome - Bourbon Knights
  • What If We Are One - Pamela Chappell
  • Geodesic Gnome - the Dymaxion Suite (take #23) - Mike Dillon and
  • Bill Perk/Buckminster Fuller
  • What One Man Can Do - For Healing Purposes Only
  • Mr. Fullers' Car (the Dymaxion Car) - Everett Dillon Gariepy
  • Wreck of the Dymaxion Car - Big Muff
  • Bill Perk
  • Buckminster Fuller We Need You Now - Jason Ringenberg
  • Hope You Make It To The Mountains - Randy Crouch
  • Buckminster Fuller
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