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The Robbs

The Robbs

Initial release : 1967

Mercury 61130

The only LP release by The Robbs. Includes a cover of the Eric Andersen song Violets Of Dawn.


  • Violets of Dawn (Andersen)
  • Race With the Wind (Robb)
  • Cynthia Loves (Robb)
  • Next Time You See Me (Robb)
  • Girls, Girls (Robb)
  • Bittersweet (Barri/Sloan)
  • See Jane Run (Robb)
  • In a Funny Sort of Way (Robb)
  • Rapid Transit (Smith)
  • Jolly Miller (Traditional)

Musicians include;

  • Bruce Robb - keyboards, vocals
  • Craig Robb - drums
  • Dee Robb - guitar, vocals
  • Joe Robb - guitar, vocals
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