Rubber Room: The Haunting Poetic Songs of Porter Wagoner 1966-1977

Porter Wagoner

Initial release : 2006

Omni Recording Corporation

Recordings made between 1966 and 1977.


  • Out of the Silence (Came a Song) (Parton)
  • The Rubber Room (Wagoner)
  • George Leroy Chickashea (Wagoner)
  • Cassie (Parton)
  • Fairchild (Parton)
  • Indian Creek (Wagoner)
  • Lonely Comin' Down (Wagoner)
  • Bones (Wagoner)
  • Jim Johnson (Owens)
  • Lonelyville (Wagoner)
  • My Many Hurried Southern Trips (Parton / Wagoner)
  • As Simple as I Am (Parton)
  • Woman Hungry (Chrysler)
  • First Mrs Jones (Anderson)
  • The Cold Hard Facts of Life (Anderson)
  • Shopworn (Harris)
  • Julie (Jennings)
  • The Carroll County Accident (Ferguson)
  • Let Me In (Chrysler)
  • Wino (Parton / Wagoner)
  • The Bottom of the Bottle (Young)
  • Nothing Between (Wagoner)
  • Crumbs from Another Man's Table (Graham)
  • He's Alone Again Tonight (Wagoner)
  • Life Rides the Train (Wagoner)
  • Little Boy's Prayer (Owens)
  • My Last Two Tens (McAlpin)
  • The Party (Parton)
  • Moments of Meditation (Wagoner)
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