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The Serpent Power

The Serpent Power

Initial release : 1967

Vanguard 79252

The only LP released by The Serpent Power

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  • Don't You Listen To Her (Meltzer)
  • Gently, Gently (Meltzer)
  • Open House (Meltzer)
  • Flying Away (Meltzer)
  • Nobody Blues (Meltzer)
  • Up And Down (Meltzer)
  • Sky Baby (Meltzer)
  • Forget (Meltzer)
  • Dope Again (Meltzer)
  • Endless Tunnel (Meltzer)

  • David Meltzer - guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Tina Meltzer - vocals
  • Denny Ellis - rhythm guitar
  • David Stenson - bass
  • John Payne - organ
  • Clark Coolidge - drums
  • J.P. Pickens - electrified 5-string banjo (on Endless Tunnel)

  • Producer - Samuel Charters
  • The liner notes include poems from the book The Dark Continent by David Meltzer which was published by Oyez in 1967
Related releases

The Serpent Power album has been released by Vanguard on CD.

All of The Serpent Power LP was included on a two-on-one CD release;